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Reveille Barbecue Co. was born out of friendship and a passion for great barbecue. We take our small, yet important, role in our states history in barbecue seriously and look forward to serving you.

Meet the Pitmasters.

Michael Michna

Michael was born and raised in the Tomball-Magnolia area just outside of Houston on the northwest side. An avid barbecue enthusiast, he knows a thing or two about serving because he's got a natural instinct for it.

A Marine, Michael served in Aviation Ordnance during Operation Iraqi Freedom in its earliest years. Many of those special traits ingrained into him during his service in the United States Marine Corps carry forward today into everything he does.

Those traits and a desire to continue helping others led him to his current role as firefighter for the Houston Fire Department. These days when Michael isn't out on a call, he's either back at the station or at home doing that other thing he enjoys: cooking barbecue for his fellow firefighters or his friends and family.

Michael has proudly served his country and continues to serve the city he calls home. Now he wants to serve you personally at Reveille Barbecue Co.

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Come find us.

Make the drive out to Magnolia, Texas on the northwest outskirts of Houston and you'll find us. Follow your nose or click the button below for directions.

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